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Monday, July 19, 2010

Sick Day and Patti's Baby Shower

Not feeling good today. I have been running a fever all day. I haven't developed any other symptoms yet. Just fever and feeling like I was hit by a mac truck. I spent the entire day sleeping. I finally figured that I should get upright and try to stay awake for a while. I hate being sick. The good news is that my immune system is pretty good and usually I fight these things off in 24 hours. I am pretty sad that I missed my Zumba class tonight. It would have been nice. Oh well.

So, Patti's baby shower was yesterday. The whole thing was really weird. I probably feel that way because I was going to host it, until her sister threw a shit fit and took it over from me. The two bits that I passed on to her sister for the shower were the theme and that Patti did not want to play a bunch of stupid games. She took only one of those bits. She took the theme that Patti wanted, but we played like six or seven games. I hate, and so does Patti, the stupid little games that get played at Baby showers. Other than that, I guess that it went ok. Her sister invited some weird people, but they all brought gifts for Patti, and that is good. One other thing that happened was that Kelena didn't show. She didn't call either. That probably means that she will have some sob story about being sick or something. The least that she could have done was call. I know that Patti was really disappointed.

Well I am going to lay back down and hopefully feel better.

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