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Friday, July 9, 2010

My ex is a rube.

So today I had another day of South Beach dieting and Zumba. I totally love this class. So much fun. That is not why I write night though.

It's my ex. See he hasn't paid me any child support since May. Before that I hadn't gotten any since February. Total BS. It's the seventh month of the year and he had paid me only three times. To top it all off he isn't planning on paying me until September or October. AND he never, and I mean never, buys anything for my son. Not a shirt, not a haircut, no shoes.... nothing. The really shitty thing? I can't do anything about it. Not one damn thing. I have already asked the courts to uphold the child support order, but they can't do anything to enforce it. AND I have to pay them $300 for essentially nothing. I have submitted a request with the state to enforce my child support, but the AG's office is totally backed up and who knows when they will get to me. I can't withhold visitation with Clay because it is against our agreement, and it would punish Clay for his father's mistakes. I have no figgin clue what to do. I can't continue to support my son by myself, and I can't make him pay. All I can think of is to bitch at him on occasion and make him feel terrible. Anyone have any ideas?

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