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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day off

So today I decided to take the day off exercise today. I just could not get the energy up to do it. I am a bit sore after Zumba yesterday. It is really really fun though. I am going to do the class again tomorrow. My friend S and I are going to take the class tomorrow. I will be interested to see how she feels about the class. She takes hip hop classes and she is also doing the Pole fitness classes. (And yes, she is a skinny bitch..)

Other than that I am hoping that everything turns out ok in Oakland. My brother lives there and they have some shit going down there today. My thoughts are with you bro!

I am so tired of the Lebron James coverage. Seriously, I don't care, get off my T.V.!

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  1. Thanks! Turns out the folks in Oakland, dumb on so many other issues, can detect posers when they seem them. The violence that happened was mostly from a small group of dedicated rioters who travel from place to place looking to take over protests wherever they happen. Their goal seems to be nothing beyond simple mayhem. From what I can tell none, or at least very few, locals got sucked in and they trouble was mostly from the opportunists.

    Still, I was really annoyed at Ron Dellums, our so-called mayor. He gave a speech that was practically enticement of the crowd.