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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Weekend time!

Hello there on this happy Sunday! I am currently geeking out watching the show Star Talk with Neal DeGrasse Tyson. If you haven't seen it, you should. It is amazingly good. It is this amazing talk show where Neal DeGrasse Tyson brings in people from popular culture and the scientific community to talk about scientific and political issues. So good.
Anyway I spent most of the day yesterday shopping for items for my kid's 12th birthday. I think I found some good things to wrap up for him. I found a Halo shirt, PewDiePie's book, and a necklace that is the Skyrim logo. I also bought him these Star Wars mini machines that he really wants. Nothing huge. I also am going to provide him with the opportunity to go to the movies, bowling, or anything he wants with a friend. His birthday is Friday and that night he will be with his father. So, his dad's side of the family can celebrate with him then. The next day, he will go to the U of A basketball game with his grandpa, while my mom and I are going to go to a Gabriel Ayala concert at the Sea of Glass off of 4th avenue. Then on Sunday we are going to get together with my friend Tanya and her daughter Julianna. We will be going someplace that Clayton picks to hang out. I think that right now he is leaning towards going to Old Tucson. All in all it will be a busy weekend, but a good one. It will be good that we will have Monday off afterwards for MLK Day!
Also, I haven't mentioned this before, but I am on a quest to lose weight and be healthier. Since September I have lost a total of 28 pounds. I was successful in not gaining any weight during the holidays, but I didn't lose any either. So, I am restarting the process of truly getting back to healthy eating and losing more weight. I can say that 28 pounds has made a huge difference in how I feel. I am able to do more and for a longer period of time. Take yesterday for example... I was out shopping all day. Before my weight loss, I would have had to stop after a couple of hours because my feet, hips and back would have bothered me. Now I can be out all day with no issue. My ultimate goal is to lose a total of 50 pounds. I can't imagine life at 160 pounds! I started at 215, so a total loss of 50 would take me to 165. I, as of today, am down to 187. So that leaves me with 22 pounds to go. I hope that I can reach this goal. However the basis for this diet was my dad's heart issues this time last year. He had to have a triple bypass. This was a complete wake up call to me. My grandmother, grandfather, uncle, and my grandfather on my mother's side all had heart problems. My aunts and uncles are almost all on cholesterol reducing drugs and blood pressure meds. I am now 35 and have no issues, yet. I want to stay that way. So, I decided that I really had to focus on what I was eating. Soon, with enough weight loss, I will begin the adventure into working out. Hopefully with 50 pounds off my joints it will be easier for me to do so without aggravating my knees and ankles. So, here is to not gaining weight through the holidays and now getting back on track to lose more!
Well I am off to meet my ex-husband, his fiance and my son to go bowling. See ya'll later!

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