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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sabino Canyon

We had a great day today. Started off the day by sleeping in. Best thing to do on your last day off before going back to work right? We then were just hanging out here at the house, I was doing laundry, and getting some work done and Clayton was playing video games until noon. Then the basketball game started. U of A vs. ASU. Now you know I am going to watch that! It was a well played game on both ends. The Cats won by 12. Wahoo!
Then I loaded the boy up in the car and we headed for Sabino Canyon. I wanted to spend some time outside of the house today. It is too easy to just sit here and not participate in the world around us. The weather was beautiful today. Crystal clear skies and 70 degrees. Way too nice to spend the whole day inside. Particularly because it is supposed to be rainy and cold all week this next week. So for $20 Clayton and I could go to Sabino Canyon and ride a tram all the way into the Canyon. It is a lovely ride. I should let the pictures do the talking!

All in all it was a great way to spend our last day off before going back to work and school. Tomorrow I have a big district training at SSA Tucson. Clayton is going to ride the bus home from school for the first time. Should be interesting to see if he can do it without any issues. Well that is the end of Winter Break. Only 12 days until Clayton's 12th birthday. We are discussing what we are going to try and do for it. I am game to do pretty much anything he wants to. Well, I am off to cook some delicious looking salmon!

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