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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Getting back to the grind

This has been a long week. It is funny when you go back to work because the first week is almost the hardest. It is hard to re establish your routines and schedules. It has been really tough this week to convince my body that I really need to go to sleep before 10 pm. It is even harder to get up at 4:45 am. Ug. Add that to trying to convince my son that he needs to go to bed and do homework, and I feel like winter break was six weeks ago already.
Speaking of homework, the worst habit my son has is putting things off. I know this is normal behavior for 11 year old boys, but it still irks me. Tonight while going through his binder he found a spelling worksheet that he got earlier in the week that he was supposed to do during the week. Did he? No. So tonight he found it and started whining about having to do it. I have a really really hard time with whining. He was sighing and trying to make the homework harder than it was. Silly child. I forced him to do half of it tonight and tomorrow he can finish it in his study hall class. He had the same problem getting started with his science fair project as well. His biggest problem is his laziness. At some point I will just have to let him fail at something. If he does that enough, hopefully he will get the message. I am not looking forward to teaching this lesson. Hopefully I can keep a handle on my patience. That will be the hardest thing. There are good things and bad things to working in a school. I spend a whole lot of time with kids my son's age. Therefore I know what is normal and have several different techniques to use. However I am constantly surrounded by pre-teen and teenage angst. It gets super annoying after awhile.
I am looking forward to sleeping in this weekend and not having to get up early in the cold. This week has been exceedingly rainy and cold. Today was the worst day. It was raining and cold all afternoon. The upside to all of it? The mountains look amazing. They are covered with snow. It also feels like winter. It would be better if it was just cold. I don't do wet and cold well.
Well instead of absentmindedly blogging while watching the U of A vs UCLA basketball game, I will put an end to this and enjoy the game. Have a good night all!

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