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Sunday, July 17, 2016

What a crazy world

So - I have to use this as a place to write out what I am feeling and doing. The elephant in the room is that the world is absolutely nuts right now. What the hell is wrong with everyone???
I guess I need to take a step back. Recently there have been so many horrific terrorist acts, police misuse of force, and now people are killing police. The events keep happening so close together that there is little to no time between events. On Friday Turkey had a coup attempt and then today three police officers were killed in Baton Rouge. There was a shooting in Dallas that claimed the lives of police officers and before that there were two murders of unarmed black men.
I cannot believe that this is the world that we are living in. What happened to peace? What happened to love? What happened to tolerance? Seemingly, those things are gone from the world. I have expressed a deep pain to a couple of close friends and my parents, I really honestly thought that by the time that my generation came to adulthood that we would knock down the walls of racism, sexism, and the LGBT community could finally step out of the shadows without fear. Seemingly, we are no better than those that have come before us. We did not read the history, we didn't bear witness to the pain and destruction of fear and closed-mindedness. This country is as divided as ever. I am one of the most tolerant people that you will ever meet and I am to the point of shutting people out and closing myself in.
I also didn't mention that there is a Presidential election going on right now as well. The two candidates are Hillary Clinton and Donald f'ing Trump. Listen, I am not thrilled or as moved by Hillary as I was by Obama. Maybe it is my age and loss of innocence, maybe it is her platform. I would think that I would be freaking excited to have the first woman win a nomination for a major party. She doesn't instill the same kind of hope that Obama did. However with that being said, Trump is a GD nightmare. He is crazy. He is a racist, sexist, self-serving and a total train wreck. He makes fatal mistakes almost weekly, but some how just keeps gaining in popularity. I do not understand how anyone with a brain between their ears can honestly look at the man and say, "Yeah, I'll vote for him." It is just nuts. I cannot wrap my brain around it. I keep trying, but it just does not compute. The Republican Convention is starting tomorrow in Cleveland. People will be protesting and there is a huge potential that there will be violence. Honestly the urge to hide under a blanket is almost overpowering.
I cannot hide under a blanket. The school year is fast approaching. I am in the middle of prepping for the new school year. The Central Administration has decided to move away from our student information system (SIS) and rightfully so. The old software was not compliant with the new State system to report student information. However, as with all things IT, things are dragging. We are 18 days from the start of the new school year, and I haven't even been able to see the new software. I am going to a training in Phoenix on Tuesday to finally get started. I will have 16 days to learn the new software and be able to train my new office staff. Which leads into the fact that my second office person had to move due to a change in military assignment and just this last Monday my boss and I got an email that our nurse quit as well. *Deep breath* I have no one left in the office who knows a thing. We hired a parent for a short term fix, but I am nervous. The beginning of the year is often a mess. The office needs to be a place of stability. I have worked hard to make it so, but there are so many challenges. When I have to work with a new staff every year it becomes extremely draining. The biggest bright spot is the kids. I love the kids. They make the chaos so worth it. I love them and an honored to play even the smallest part in helping them grow.
I think I am going to go on a small campaign on social media. I will post messages of love and tolerance. I will refrain from arguing and instead try to lead by example of love. It is the only thing I know to do.
Well, I am tired and need sleep. This will be a long week. I will try to update this with *hopefully* some progress in the right direction.

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