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Monday, January 4, 2010

Weight loss and poverty

Today I rode my bike for a half an hour or so. It feels good once my knees loosen up. At first when I start out they feel stiff and like they are going to pop. If I push through the feeling they loosen up and actually feel better for a couple of hours. I need the physical exercise for my joints as much as I do for the weight loss.
The other problem I have right now with trying to lose weight is that I am broke. I can't buy anymore food right now, and I am out of things that would help like Romaine and tomatoes. I am trying to stay away from the bread, but I may have to step up my workouts because I will run out of foods to eat that are healthy. I get paid on the 15th, so I can finally stock up on healthy food.
The biggest reason why I am broke is because my ex is far behind on his child support. I have made calls, filed a Request to Enforce Support, and still nothing. There simply is nothing I can do. If he doesn't pay, then there is nothing to support it. He keeps telling me that he doesn't have the money, and I keep telling him that answer doesn't fly. I can't tell the electrical company that now can I? So it is up to me to make up for the fact that he refuses to grow up and work.

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  1. I was talking to Lisa yesterday about dieting and she's with me on not cutting out carbs. She's the paraloympian, so I trust her. So, don't feel bad about not being able to eat the healthiest. It's all in moderation.

    I'd be happy to show you things to do at home for working out, too. Free ways to work out. Also, stretching. Do you strethch after you ride the bike? Only stretch lightly before your muslces are warm, and then there are intense stretching I do after my cardio, that I can show you.