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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day from Hell

My God today blew. I am so tired and frustrated. To start, my son got a red star (he has a star system at school for behavior orange – great, yellow – one bad deed, red – two bad deeds, and finally blue – a trip to the principals office). I talked to his teacher this morning before school about why he got a red star the day before. She basically implied that my son is manipulating people trying to get them to do his work for him and he is being lazy and trying to use excuses to get out of doing his work. Well this semester at school they are training the kids to be responsible. So his teacher is not accepting any excuses. If you don't do your work, you get in trouble. So I told Clay that he had to do what his teacher told him to, everything his teacher told him to do. Then I left for work.
I got to work and that is a total mess right now. We are going paperless now, and our new storage software was just installed on my computer yesterday. I have no clue how it works, but I need to figure it out. So I spent all morning trudging through complicated software while still trying to get work done. I don't have time now to experiment with the system because I have to produce 1099's and W-2's for clients. So far I have only received one set of 1099's. I have to produce all of the 1099's and W-2's before the 29th of January. So needless to say I am under a bit of a time crunch that I can't control, and now I have to push out work quickly in new software that I don't understand yet. When I left work I was frustrated and upset.
Then I got to school. Clayton got a red star again today. Again he didn't do his work like he was supposed to. Not only that today he told the teacher that he can't concentrate and he can't get his thoughts out of his head. Great. Now he has been recommended for evaluation with the school physiologist. I told his teacher this afternoon that there is nothing wrong with my son mentally, he is just being an entitled whiny brat. He can do the work, in-fact it isn't even difficult for him. He just doesn't want to. So the day before my son's 6th birthday I had to ground him. No TV all day and then he had to help me clean the van, do laundry, and I made him sit down and do the assignment that he didn't do in class.
To top it all off, I have my son's birthday party on Saturday, and honestly I don't want to have it. I know that is really harsh, which is why I am not going to cancel it. But I can tell you, that I won't be having a party next year unless he deserves it. At this rate, he will be lucky to watch any TV ever again.
There are times in my life, like today, when I feel like I have way to friggin much on my plate. Times like this I feel very alone.


  1. Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh. And more ugh.

    The whole I have thoughts in my head sounds like just another manipulation. And the school will probably tell you he's ADD and tell you to medicate him. I know how you feel about that, and I know you know he is a little boy and this stuff happens. So I hope you can convince them that no, meds are not necessary right from the damn jumping off place, let's give it some time and see if discipline breaks him of this. I'm sure the school is just drooling say hahaha another one to medicate bwa ha ha! Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

    As for the party, I would have totally backed you up if you had cancelled it. In fact, mabye he won't get Aunt Randi's present until he stops getting red stars.

    This Monday I'm seeing a friend in from out of town, but anytime you need to chill, just call.

  2. Oh and one more thing. Why the hell did the boss decide to go paperless right at the start of tax season????