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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Weight loss - The beginning

Today I am embarking on my final and hopefully successful journey towards true weight loss. I am beyond tired of being over weight. My self image has taken a hit, between my divorce, my last relationship, and my complete inability to look in the mirror and see something beautiful. I know that there is beauty there and that it lives behind all of the broken promises I have made to myself. In all of the things that I have endured, I know that I have the strength to complete this journey. I need to keep myself motivated. I have all of the tools that I need for success. I have several different exercise programs, a stationary bike, a bottle of Alli, and a copy of the South Beach Diet. I also have examples of strength and overcoming all around me. So, today I embark on a journey of weight loss and more importantly, completing a promise to myself.

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  1. Awesome!! I'll help in any way I can. Also, soon Saavi will be doing an open gym for clients and close friends. It'll be $1. So, if you're ever interested, I'm sure we can work out together. I'll be happy to share my tips and tricks, which absolutely do not involve dieting. Not an ounce of dieting. They've never worked for me. You can do it!!! I've slacked in the last 2 weeks and put on some weight, but that's to be expected with the holidays. You just say the word and I will help!