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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Walls and luggage

So another day. I have not exercised yet today and I missed yesterday. However I have exercised five days this week which I guess is acceptable. I am just apprehensive about not exercising because if I give myself an excuse for one day, then it turns into two, then four, then I quit. It is a slippery slope. I have been doing well on my diet. Let me tell you though, the Alli pills are not for the faint of heart. They actually work. The side effects are not pleasant, so I recommend that if you are not planning on eating a low fat diet, DO NOT take them. It is a nice reminder when the side effects take place, that you have eaten too much fat. I hope my plan works this time. I really am tired of being overweight. Yesterday while at the mall with my son, he started to sing “chunky chunky mommy”. I can't lecture him on it too much because, well, it is the truth. I just tell him that it is not nice to point things out about people that they might be embarrassed about.
Not only that but I think that I have been using my weight as a shield. I have not been interested in dating since the break-up of my last relationship and the weight keeps men at bay. I don't think that mentally and obviously physically it is healthy. If I don't want to date that is my decision. I don't think that I should be building walls however. That can lead to difficulty taking them down when I do decide that I am ready. I already have many things that can make relationships difficult and I don't need to be adding resentment and walls into my luggage.
Today we (my parents and I) are taking my son to his first U of A basketball game. He went to a football game at the beginning of the season. He got bored in the first quarter. I can't say I blame him. Football is a fairly slow game, with big spurts that usually he can't see because people stand up. Basketball is a faster moving game and it might hold his attention longer. We will see.

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  1. What's that pill? Can't wait to hear about the game.