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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sometimes parenting blows....

So today after I picked Clayton up from school we came home and started watching the new series Life. The series is totally awesome, but I digress. Clayton took an orange soda into the living room and proceeded to spill it everywhere. Like half of one of those 20 oz bottles. Ug. So then I got down to clean it up and use my carpet spray and I discovered that I didn't have enough. So then we had to run to Kmart and buy more spray and run back home before it dried and completely ruined the carpet. After it was all cleaned up we both laid down and took a nap. We woke up and I made dinner. I made Clayton his favorite dinner, shrimp pasta. He sat down and took two bites and told me that he wanted to lay down. About ten minutes later he got sick all over my couch. Ug. Between the soda and the sick, my living room had a really hard day. I think I have scrubbed more today than I have in years. Here's to hoping that Clay doesn't get sick again. He is in bed now and hopefully he gets a lot of rest and kicks whatever he has.

Other than that today was a better day because it was my short day from work. I just wish that I hadn't spent most of the afternoon scrubbing. It was nice not to be at the office all day today. I am getting seriously sick of that dude at work. Today he asked me how my "husband" was. He knows that I am divorced. I said my ex is doing fine. Then for some strange ass reason he asked me where we went on our honeymoon. What kind of weirdo asks someone who is now divorced where they went on their honeymoon? I can't wait until he is gone. Well I am going to go check on my little man now. Here's to hoping that he doesn't get sick again.

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