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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

School involvement

So, I have spent the last year fighting the good fight in the Booster Club at my son's school. Donating my time selling snacks, going to meetings and generally being very involved. There were a bunch of parents involved that I came to respect. Recently however, the whole thing has blown up. All of the parents that are involved now are out next year. They are all moving their children to other schools. And now, when I have tried to move to represent parents in the Site Counsel, I was shot down. As much as that sucks, the parents elected a parent that has no fucking clue what she is talking about.... ever. I would rather beat her face in than listen to her stupidity. So I have decided that I am out. I am going to stop spending my time in this arena. If I have time to donate, it will go to the library, the classroom or somewhere else. I hate the politics and the drama. My life is hard enough and I don't need to waste my time at meetings arguing with people.

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